Breast Reduction Surgery – Frequently Asked Questions ?>

Breast Reduction Surgery – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

During breast reduction surgery, the breast is reduced and they are lifted into a higher position on the wall of the chest. Any excess fat and glandular tissues are removed to get the desired look and size.

Am I A Good Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery?

When the breasts are too large for a woman’s frame, or the breasts are dropping, it may put a constant weight on the chest wall. During normal activities, it can cause pain in the upper back and neck area. Those who have heavy breasts are a candidate for this surgery. Some signs that the breasts are too heavy include bra-strap marks on the shoulders, excessive sweating, and infections under the breasts. Breast reduction surgery can help to alleviate these problems.

What Are the Benefits To Breast Reduction Surgery?

Removing excess weight from the back and neck will alleviate pain. Women will be able to have a more active life and fit into normal-sized shirts and bras.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Painful?

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, patients can expect to experience mild to moderate pain after the surgery. However, this discomfort can be controlled with medication.

How Long Is The Recovery Period After Surgery?

Every patient is different. Recovery times can be anywhere from one to six weeks. It depends on the overall progress of the patient and the type of occupation that you do. If your job involves strong physical labor with heavy lifting, then it may take many weeks till you can get back to work. Expect restrictions on lifting and activities for at least four weeks after surgery.

Will I have Scarring After The Surgery?

The methods used to conduct breast reduction require the surgeon to make an incision. Yes, there will be some scarring. However, new methods allow the scar to be shorter and less noticeable. There are many variables like the size of the breast, the amount of the reduction necessary, and the procedure used, which can also be a determining factor.

Is Liposuction A Good Method For Breast Reduction?

Liposuction can decrease the breast tissues and alleviate extra weight, but there are very few women who will meet the criteria to receive optimal results from this method. Additionally, if too many tissues are removed, it will cause sagging. There is no lifting of the breast to enhance the appearance once the fatty tissues are removed.

Which Method Of Breast Reduction Is Best?

During your initial consultation, the options are discussed. There are a couple different methods that can be utilized.

Are There Any Risks Or Complications With This Procedure?

Any surgery has possible compilations. You may experience a loss of sensation in the nipples. All complications are discussed prior to surgery.

Can I Still Breastfeed?

When it is possible, we try to preserve all the lactating function; however, there is no guarantee. There is a risk that the breast function will be lost.

Is There A Good Age To Have This Surgery Done?

It’s best to wait until the breasts have fully developed before doing any sort of surgery. If the surgery cannot wait, and the breasts are still developing, then the patient may need another surgery in later in life. Waiting till after the childbearing years is also advisable as there is no guarantee that breast function will remain. Consequently, when the breasts are extremely large, the relief may be worth the potential risks.

Vaginal Rejuvenation: The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend? ?>

Vaginal Rejuvenation: The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend?

Childbirth and menopause take their toll, but until recently, millions of women have been left to suffer unwanted effects like loosening of the pelvic floor, excessive dryness, urinary incontinence, and painful intercourse largely in silence. Now, thanks to the growing popularity of a previously taboo range of procedures known as vaginal rejuvenation, women have a way to improve or even conquer these symptoms without the use of potentially risky hormone therapy.

Vaginal Atrophy After Menopause

While many women assume that menopause symptoms only last for a short period of time, millions have learned the hard way that these symptoms can persist for a decade or longer.

During menopause, estrogen levels decrease drastically along with other hormones. This hormonal decline leads to changes in the bladder, vulva, and vagina in particular. Estrogen helps keep the vagina flexible and lubricated so women of a certain age will notice vaginal tightness and dryness. These age-related symptoms can interfere with a relationship and make sex difficult or even painful. The condition even has a name: genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). It’s believed that about half of post-menopausal women experience GSM which can also cause burning sensations in the genitals, painful urination, an urgent need to urinate, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

You can’t pick up a women’s magazine or watch television without seeing advertisements for a vast array of products — both prescription and over-the-counter — aimed at fighting menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Oral medication containing estrogen can treat these vaginal symptoms and other menopause symptoms while vaginal lubricants and low-dose topical estrogen can be effective. Still, many women are hesitant to treat symptoms with hormone therapy due to the link to breast cancer discovered in the Women’s Health Initiative study that found a higher risk of cancer in women over 65 who take hormone replacement.

Childbirth-Related Vaginal Looseness and Stretching

Childbirth is certainly a traumatic experience that, for many women, comes with lifelong side effects. While some birth canals can return to normal after giving birth, some women complain of looseness of the pelvic floor and stretching of the vagina.

The muscle tissue of the vaginal wall is very elastic and tightly folded. While the vagina stretches significantly during childbirth, it typically returns to normal within six months of giving birth. There are exceptions. Multiple births, even in young women, can fatigue vaginal muscles and prevent them from fully contracted again. Aging also fatigues the muscle tissue and makes the problem of persistent looseness more common among women who give birth in their 30s or 40s.

Trauma during childbirth or another event can also contribute to this problem. If the muscles of the pelvic floor that surround and hold the shape of the vagina are damaged, looseness is more likely.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Following Childbirth and Menopause

A solution now used through North America and Europe to help women following childbirth or menopause? Vaginal rejuvenation. Laser vaginal rejuvenation that works on the premise that heat and light therapy can jump-start the body’s healing mechanism and stimulate new collagen growth to repair the damaged vaginal tissue.

While invasive surgery may help with some childbirth-related vaginal problems and prescription hormone therapy is available to treat menopause symptoms, many women today are turning to an approach that uses non-invasive radiofrequency to help repair the vaginal muscles and treat problematic symptoms like dryness. This treatment uses a slim handheld device or wand to deliver warm radiofrequency energy inside the vagina to help rejuvenate and heal damaged tissue. Much like facial rejuvenation, the treatment can stimulate collagen production in the genital tract.

Radiofrequency therapy can help with many problems associated with childbirth and menopause such as:

  • Looseness of the vaginal muscles
  • Leakage or urinary incontinence
  • Greater urge to urinate
  • Poor tone of the vulva and labia tissues
  • Excessive dryness
  • Painful intercourse
  • Thinning of the vaginal wall

Many women turn to vaginal rejuvenation for improved function, comfort, and confidence, but it also has cosmetic benefits. Non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation can refresh the appearance of the labia by stimulating collagen production and improving skin quality and tightness.

Vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t have the body of research behind it that hormone therapy boasts, but tens of thousands of women have now used the procedure and many more are expected to turn to vaginal rejuvenation in the coming years. Doctors who offer the procedure say that it offers good results without the risk of surgery and hormone replacement.

What Happens If You Don’t Eat Healthy Food And Stay Fit? ?>

What Happens If You Don’t Eat Healthy Food And Stay Fit?

People sometimes don’t mind eating greasy meals. They usually shrug it off, especially people who are the early twenties or mid-twenties. They feel like they have enough time to live their lives to the fullest. Which is okay, if you think about it? You can eat whenever you want and enjoy your life whenever you want. But if you have to consider the actions before you’re going brush them aside as minor problems that are easy to overcome or to forget. Eating too much unhealthy food will cause your body to break down. You will gain too much weight because of that.

You don’t want to suffer any side effects because of your negligence, don’t you? You are aware what happens if you eat too many greasy meals. You will become obese, you will suffer heart failures shortly, you will be having troubles with your kidney, or your acid is way too high than normal. Blood pressure will be increased as well, making you hot blooded.

Not only that, but people who are eating too much are prone to depression or suffered low self-confidence. It will be difficult to enjoy life when you are not feeling good. This is why people should notice that eating too much of unhealthy food will cause some serious problems in the next decades. People who are in their 30s already notice it, and they are aware of the full consequence of their negligence. It is preferable to start early to prevent any side effects but to those who procrastinate can still have the chance to make up what they’ve done.

You can still live a healthy life as long as you follow through the regimen that you are advised to do. You need to keep on exercise, eating something healthy and nutritious, and sleep early and wake up early. After all, if you are sleeping poorly, it will cause you to gain so much weight, and you will be having low on energy. It is understandable if some people don’t have the motivation to keep up. They might feel that it is too much work and they prefer to laze about. But you do so, and then you will be digging yourself and an early grave. Neglecting your health is not a good way to start, especially when you’re in danger. This is there are some people who are self-conscious of their food intake because they want to live a bit much longer for they have many things that they need to do. So, ignoring what’s important is not enough excuse to not take care of you. After all living a healthy life will surely change your mood and your views to the world.

You will be brimming with positive emotions and joys. You will no longer feel depressed because exercise will make you feel good and energized and it’s all thanks to your brain for releasing endorphins into you. Bottom line, you will be confident with yourself after you go through all these work and you will soon reap the benefits that you’ve started when taking this path to a healthy, good life.

How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit ?>

How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit

While purchasing a new bikini can be fun and exciting, the most exciting part is wearing it out to the beach or the pool. Once you’ve selected the right bikini for your body type and skin tone, the time has come to choose the proper accessories. Luckily, you can save money on a number of these items with the use of coupons, so be sure to read on and learn more about how to accessorize your swimsuit.

  1. Hats: If its bikini weather, that means the sun will be shining brightly. If you want to avoid sunburning your face and neck, choose a simple wide brimmed hat to pair with your bikini. After all, you need to keep your delicate facial skin protected.
  2. Sunglasses: They should obviously be worn to keep the eyes protected from harmful UV rays, but sunglasses can add a hint of stylish flair to a beach outfit. You can choose from a number of different sunglasses and there are a multitude of colors and styles available. By choosing the right sunglasses, you can provide added depth to your beach ensemble.
  3. Necklaces: Most women already have a beautiful necklace or two lying in their jewelry drawer and a simple choker will look great in tandem with your bikini during beach season. A delicate golden piece also works wonders. Women who want to project an aura of charm and grace while they are modeling their new swimwear typically choose an understated necklace to wear with their new bikini.
  4. Hair Clips/Earrings: Hair clips are especially versatile, as they can be purchased in a number of different colors and stylistic arrangements, allowing you to customize your bikini based ensemble. As an added bonus: you are able to keep your neck cool and dry. As for the earrings, the smaller they are, the better. Don’t wear large earrings that can get caught and tangled while you’re in the water. A simple post is your best bet if you are trying to avoid being too ostentatious.
  5. Adding Rings/Bracelets: While you should never overdo it with the rings, one or two small, tasteful pieces provides a certain level of artistry. Bracelets should be treated in the same manner, as they can provide a tasteful embellishment to the outfit when they are chosen in a judicious manner.
  6. Grab a Pair of Sandals: Grabbing a pair of sandals to add to your beach day outfit lets you express your own unique individuality. You can choose between slide on sandals, flip flops and cheap slip-ons. When you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement during a trip to the beach, pairing the right sandals with a micro bikini will turn heads for all of the right reasons.
Aviator sunglasses, courtesy Peninsula Mall
Why Should You Live A Healthy and Strong Life? ?>

Why Should You Live A Healthy and Strong Life?

There are many factors that could go wrong if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle and stay strong. For one, the next few decades will be difficult for you if you don’t start turning your life into something much healthier than living off burgers and pizzas. You need to work out and sleep a bit more, if 8 hours if possible, and eat a good enough vegetables and fruits.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and you will never enjoy your life to the fullest if you’re feeling all the illness that had been building up from the time where you first starting eat greasy food to the time when you reach 30. You are now starting to feel the full effects of it. You will be having heart problems, blood pressure will be high, your acidity will be increased, you will get headaches from the lack of sleep and brief memory losses. All of these are caused by the lifestyle that you are currently living on.

This is not good, and it will always be not good. For you and your family. This kind of lifestyle will surely kill you early then you expected. Obesity will cause you to feel depression, and you will be suffering low self-esteem issues. Not only that, your emotional state will be haywire because you don’t feel confident nor positive.

The only way to get rid all of these problems, these issues that you’ve gotten yourself is to let go of the unhealthy life and start living your life that is filled with fruits, vegetables and positive moments.


Eating a balanced meal.

Sleep early and wake up early.

These three are what cause you to turn your life into something much more meaningful. For exercise will get rid all the fats that had been gathered all throughout the years. You will no longer be self-conscious about your body anymore when you exercise all the fat will burn out of you. Then you will gain muscles; all the fats will turn into muscles that are strong and firm, not weak and limp. Your strength will be increased and your speed, stamina, and reflex will also be increased from the activity that you’ve put yourself into.

After that, you need to get rid of the greasy diet and eat something that is beneficial to you and your health. Eating vegetables and fruits will help you boost your immune system, and proper eating meat will get you some proteins into your body to have strong muscles. And lastly, by sleeping early and waking up early, you won’t be messing up your schedule, and your body won’t have to feel sluggish all the time from sleeping too much or waking up too late. Your memory will be clear thanks to your sleeping, and you won’t be having too many headaches as well. This is why sleeping is really important. You need the strength and energy to work early morning, and you need the focus to perform your daily tasks.

Living A Healthy Life Where You Stay Fit And Strong ?>

Living A Healthy Life Where You Stay Fit And Strong

Lately, there are a lot of grease everywhere you look. There are so many fast food restaurants that whenever you get hungry, you don’t think about eating an apple, nope, you’re only thinking about eating a cheap burger for a quick chow. The reason why fast food restaurants have become popular is because it is fast, and greasy good. They don’t care how unhealthy it is as long as there’s food to eat they will buy it.

This is why there are a lot of obese people who are living off eating instant noodles, drinking soft drinks, french fries and burgers. These people have become overweight and still they keep on going with their life. The bright side is that not all people share the same mindset as the rest. They are some people who are aware how dangerous it is about eating too much and not enough vitamins and proteins in their diet.

There are a lot of setbacks when eating unhealthy meals. These setbacks will lead you to an early grave before you know it. You will soon have many ailments such as heart attacks, increase of blood pressure and internal organs failing because of too much acidity. Now, people should do something about this for it is not healthy to live through these. There’s a reason why living a healthy life is beneficial to you.

Here are some of the advantages as to why you should stay fit and strong.

You will lose fat. If you perform exercise or any strength related activities, you will be burning all the fat that you have in your body. You will instead gain muscles that are firm and strong. You will be soon carrying heavy objects like no problem and it will be easy as pie to perform other tasks that you don’t normally do.

You will gain strength. The more you eat a balanced meal and the more make exercise as a habit you will be soon gaining strength.

You will gain speed and reflex. As you perform other activities that will increase your strength, you will soon gain increase in speed and fast reflexes because your muscles have adopted the regime that you add to your life and will soon be building enough power to adopt the new level of your body strength.

Your body will be healthy and strong. In no time, you won’t have to be worrying about any illness thanks to fast food, as long as you eat a balanced meal, sleep well, and exercise as much as you can, your body will easily combat any illness very easily.

By the end of it all, all you need is to discipline yourself and be patient. For it doesn’t take an instant day result to have your body fully transformed. No, it takes a lot of months and your time to get your body the way it is. But it’s going to be all worth the trouble.

Reasons For Staying Fit And Maintaining A Healthy Balance ?>

Reasons For Staying Fit And Maintaining A Healthy Balance

People can be neglectful at times and those times is because they are too lazy and they just procrastinate. This is why people aren’t too fond of doing some exercise. For one, it takes a lot of work and time, so they feel like it’s too much of a task to perform. This is one of the reasons as to why people, mostly young adults, and teenagersthat are performing exercise aren’t swelled and dandy.

But as you grow older, that’s a different story altogether. You realize when you reach a certain age you notice that your body is starting to feel the aftereffects of all that grease that you’ve eaten throughout the years and the softdrink that you’ve been drinking daily as much as you drink water. This will lead many complications. These complications will lead to obesity and weak motor skills, and muscles. This also gives dangerous ailments thanks to eating too much unhealthy fat and grease; this will cause you to have an early heart attack, kidney failure and all sorts of things. To prevent this as early as possible without being too late, you have to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the reasons as to why is it important to live a good and balanced life.

Your memory will improve. By sleeping early, your mental function will be recharged and finally be put into stasis, making your memory easily to remember and not forgettable. After all, the lack of sleep will make it difficult to focus on work or any other activity that you have in mind. And not only that but if you sleep deprived for too long, then you will experience too many side effects that will affect your mental state of mind. So, having to follow a sleeping pattern will most likely good for you.

Your strength and stamina will increase and improve. By performing multiple exercises or any other labor or activity, this will surely put your muscles to the test. Like an elastic band, it will be a stretch and will be pulled from the weight that you carry on your hand or your wrist and eventually the body will learn how to adapt and evolve. You will be building muscles in no time at all, and the stamina will be increased as well for all the work that you’re going through.

You will lose all fat and gain more muscles. Through exercise, you will be losing a lot of fat and gain more muscles where you will no longer have to worry about obesity.

You will no longer feel depressed but optimistic. Not only exercise improves the body and mind, but it also improves your mood. You will no longer feel any insecurities nor depression because you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Stay determined, be committed and be patient, all the hard work that you’re going through will be all worth it in the end.

Benefits In Eating A Good Healthy Meal And Exercise Daily ?>

Benefits In Eating A Good Healthy Meal And Exercise Daily

You cannot deny that there are scientific facts about eating a good healthy meal, going to bed to sleep early and exercising daily every morning. You will notice the changes that started to show gradually from your strength to your memory and your physical body change. You will lose your fat; your muscles are starting to go firm, and you can carry heavy objects and run very fast. These are the benefits that you should consider when you want to start living a healthy life. After all, these benefits will surely save your life one day.

You already notice how people have started living in a healthy life where they avoid eating unhealthy food such as grease, fatty oil food that will surely cause you to have an early heart attack. There are many reasons as to why eating that fatty grease is bad for you. Not only it will bring out so many complications in your body, but it will change your body into something unpleasant, such as obesity.

You need to learn as to why eating a delicious but healthy meal and have a circular activity is beneficial to you.

It improves your mood. The good thing about doing activities such as exercise is that it helps you feel good and it all thanks to the endorphins that your brain released. The adrenaline rush and the sensation of getting “high” from performing a different task to boost your strength and keep the blood flowing clearly improves your mood into something pleasant.

You will feel energized. Not only that, but eating a well-balanced meal and sleeping in agood amount of hours of rest will not only improve your mood but your memory and your energy. Your body is like a battery and so does your brain, if you are low in energy you won’t be doing the task that you normally do such as work or class. This is why doing all these to improve your health will clearly boost your energy as well.

Your strength will be increased, and your stamina is improved. Performing different task and activities will clearly increase your strength and stamina. Your muscles will be firm, and your speed, reflexes, and stamina will be much easier to control and to react. Your body movements will be easy coordinated knowing that you have full control of your limbs. That is the results of performing different types of exercise if you keep on doing it till it has become a habit.

You will lose a lot of weight. Not only that, you will have a well-developed body with muscles and strength, and speed, but you will lose all the fat that you have and burn them out till it becomes muscles. That way you will no longer suffer obesity.

Bottom line, having to live a balanced life can bring a positive feeling and not only that it will stave off any depression and insecurities that you have. You will be confident and self-assured and it all thanks to the healthy lifestyle that you are following through. You make this a habit, and the results are wondrous.

Steps To Maintain Your Figure By Living A Healthy Life ?>

Steps To Maintain Your Figure By Living A Healthy Life

Everyone wanted to stay healthy and energized so that they can continue their life as normal. But as of late there are a lot of people who are health conscious now, and they are very careful about what they eat. They are now determined to keep their figure by making sure that they eat any fruits and vegetables and meat for calories, protein, and vitamins. It is understandable why people wish to stay fit and healthy so that their body can fight off any unwanted diseases or germs that might plague their body. They will have to avoid eating grease and junk food to maintain their diet.

There are a lot of people who are wondering what to do to make a daily routine so that they won’t have to slack off and neglect their responsibilities. Here are the steps for people like you wish to maintain their body in good condition. If you follow these steps, then you will be ensured that there are changes that will provide you the best results.

Sleep early, or try to get some good hours of sleep. It is highly difficult to get the right sleeping hour especially when you are working night shifts, or doing some long hour projects, but having to follow a schedule where you can sleep right on time helps improves your health. It can improve your memory, brings back your energy, and good enough rest. For lack of sleep will be bad for you, and it will surely affect your working hours if you don’t get a good night’s rest.

Stretch your muscles and perform some exercise. Having stretched your muscles and performing some physical labor will give your body the strength and stamina it needs. That is why having to exercise daily will force your body to adapt the new activity.

Eat right. If you have to drop eating too much grease, fat, and unhealthy junk food to have your muscles be firm and strong and get rid of the fatty flaps in your belly. Eating right will ensure that your body gets the right vitamins, proteins, and calories to stay fit and strong.

Feel good and stay positive. Having to perform such activity you will be noticing your mood has been lifted. Well, it is because of the endorphins that havebeen released by your brain that causes this amazing feeling. You will feel good and see the world through different lenses.

Make it into a habit. Lastly, make a habit out of it. If you perform this everyday, it will become a daily routine where it will no longer be a chore but a part of your morning activities. It will be difficult of course, especially when you haven’t gotten used to such activity, but if you stay committed and follow through it will no longer be a hassle.

This is where you have to learn to be disciplined, patient and committed tostaying healthy and strong. Do you want to be fit right? Then you have to make a lot of sacrificesto achieve the goal that you’ve always been dreaming about. Do not procrastinate or make some petty excuse for these excuses will hinder your progress. You have to keep this up for the results are all worth it.  You will notice that your body has gone through, you will feel so strong, powerful even especially when your muscles can carry a heavy weight where you normally never done it before. And it’s all thanks to the effort that you’ve put it through to live a healthy life for yourself.