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How do I love thee...
How do I love thee, let me count the ways...Thank you, thank you, thank you re:AB for changing my body and mindset when it comes to workouts!
--Abbe Aronson, Client since 2000
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CitySearch Editorial Review
CitySearch Editorial Review – by Drew Pisarra
The Scene
There's nothing clinical about this rehabilitative studio, despite plenty of therapeutic equipment and staff members who can trace direct lineages to the late Contrology originator. Radiating a warm vibe, the plant-accented Soho space unfolds like a health-minded communal home: The retail foyer branches off to a daisy chain of workout spaces, where dividing walls separate but never fully enclose.

The Workout
A devout follower of Pilates' disciple Romana Kryzanowska, re: AB founder Brooke Siler is well-schooled in the athletic method she preaches so enthusiastically. She can quote chapter and verse from Joseph Pilates' texts and is eager to demonstrate a move to support her fitness ideology. Not afraid to think outside the box, she's also crafted a cardio routine that incorporates the master's teachings while honoring her own passions. That ardent ingenuity has earned her top placement in health magazines time and time again.
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