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The re:AB« Pilates difference
authenticity. passion. purpose.
re:AB is dedicated to the preservation of the authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates. re:AB instructors must undergo a minimum of 700 hours of training, observation and apprenticeship before receiving their certification.

Ultimate Benefits of re:AB Pilates
• high degree of abdominal strength
• increased length & tone of muscle
• increased flexibility
• amplified energy
• postural improvement
• balance & coordination
• injury prevention & rehabilitation
Our innovative fitness programs educate and enlighten rather than offering empty instruction. There is nothing formulaic about our teaching nor factory-like about our studios. All sessions are tailored to your individual body using authentic Pilates principles to further enhance your fitness and weight loss goals. Pilates is gentle enough for the pregnant woman and challenging enough for the super fit. There is no physical pre-requisite to benefiting from Pilates – come as you are!

Our award-winning group classes intentionally are kept small to ensure you are receiving the utmost attention for your time, effort and money. Every re:AB session is taught in private or small semi-privates for the ultimate efficiency and results.

our philosophy
fitness for life! empowerment through education!
While the stresses of everyday life make it easy to buy into the idea of getting healthy or thin or fit overnight, experience should have taught us by now that it just isn’t possible. Nor should it be the desired norm.

Fitness is about feeling good! Fitness is asking yourself whether you can live happily for the rest of your life the way you feel now. Are your eating habits ones that will sustain you for a lifetime? Is exercise an enjoyable experience to you? Can you even put exercise and enjoyable into the same sentence? At re:AB,we help create fitness programs that entertain and sustain you for a lifetime.

Getting fit doesn’t really require all that much more time or effort than the marketing ploys promise, the main difference is in taking responsibility for yourself as opposed to buying into some else’s idea of what is good for you. There is no one that knows your mind and body better than you do!

At re:AB, we work with you to create healthy, sustainable fitness results that enhance your life. By combining top-notch professionals in the field with the proven results of authentic Pilates, re:AB takes guesswork out of the equation.

At re:AB, fitness is a way to get more out of life!
Out Mission
re:AB Pilates is a company dedicated to education in the physical art of Pilates, and any fitness technique upholding the sound principles of the original Joseph H. Pilates method.

re:AB Pilates provides authentic, skilled and motivational fitness instruction to inspire clients to reach greater self-sufficiency in an encouraging, safe and supportive environment.
Pilates Past
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re:AB® is dedicated to bringing you the purest, safest, most efficient Pilates instruction available anywhere today. It offers the feeling of home without sacrificing any of its professionalism. more

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