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Today’s competitive fitness market has produced a dangerous flurry of companies seeking to capitalize on Pilates’ popularity by mass-producing generic teachers. An ironic twist of fate considering the Pilates credo of “Quality over Quantity.” This dilution of the exclusive standards once upheld within the trade has caused confusion and uncertainty for the earnest student searching the marketplace for an authentic certification program.

Since opening its doors in 1997 re:AB Pilates has enjoyed exceptional praise from the press and earned a devoted following by teachers and clients alike. More than 10 years since its inception, re:AB has elected to open its doors once again, this time to a new generation of accomplished Pilates students seeking the highest quality in authentic teacher training certification.

re:AB Authentic Pilates is recognized for its high standards and attention to detail, and all without sacrificing the personal touches so important to a successful educational setting. re:AB‘s relaxed atmosphere belies our meticulous organization and professionalism. We believe in quality over quantity and limit our program enrollment to ensure exceptional teacher-student ratio.

re:AB prides itself on its non-critical, non-judgmental and non-formulaic method of teaching the art and science of Joseph Pilates’ work. re:AB fosters the individual without veering from the principles of the Pilates method.

Apprenticeship takes place amongst a family of veteran instructors all certified by Joseph Pilates’ protégée Romana Kryzanowska and within two generations of the originator himself. When you become an apprentice you become part of the re:AB family and will work among some of the most creative and passionate people in the field. You will receive mentoring by re:AB instructors and there will always be someone available to answer your questions.

At re:AB we promote improvement through continuing education for our dedicated team of instructors. As an apprentice, events and workshops outside of the certification program will be made available to you to work side by side with experienced instructors. Part of upholding the highest standards means that we utilize the best in Pilates equipment and have outfitted re:AB with Gratz apparatus.

System seminars = 100 hours
0-200    hours = beginner observation
200-400 hours = intermediate observation/  assist/practice teaching
400-600 hours = advanced observation/teaching

Seminars are taught as “Systems.” A system is a classification scheme that links all exercises of a certain level together into workable programs from which to build. These system seminars are divided into three 5-day workshops from beginner through advanced that must be attended sequentially.

System seminars will cover exercises on each piece of Pilates apparatus and teach the apprentice to weave together a routine for their clients from the individual threads of the Pilates system. In between system seminars observation, assisting and teaching hours take place. You will learn to train your eye and to hone in on the individual needs of a client through observation, hands-on practice and listening.

Prerequisite hours: We require 75 previous private Pilates sessions be taken through a Romana Kryzanowska or Pilates Studio™ Certified Instructor. If you have had or are presently taking sessions with a comparable* studio, please contact us to determine session requirement.

Download the application
application - 2.5MB
application is in pdf format.
requires adobe reader to view.
Written Application: Contact us and request an application, send it along with your resume and one letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation should be from your Pilates instructor or, if you are a teacher, from someone who has experienced your teaching.

Practical Knowledge:
After we have received your application, we will contact you to set up an appointment for an evaluation. You will be evaluated on an intermediate system workout and your understanding of the general purpose of each exercise.

*Determination of program comparability is based upon philosophy, exercise order and methodology (ex. Powerhouse, Alignment, Athleticism, Dynamic, Stretch, Strength and Control.) Please refer to the instructor list on the website. If you do not see your instructors listed please contact us to inquire.
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