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Intro Class:: “Never taken a re:AB® Mat Class before.” (Required)
This class is designed to give broad overview of our Mat Classes and studio with emphasis on the Pilates principles and techniques. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience Pilates, while affording you the ability to ask questions and get help assessing your class level. (1 Hour)

Beginner Mat Class :: “Not yet experienced in Pilates.”
Beginner Mat focuses on the basic principles at work in the Pilates abdominal control, breathing, concentration, centering, precision, posture and basic body awareness are emphasized. Arm Weights, Magic Circle and Wall Exercises may all be included.

Intermediate Mat Class :: “Experienced in Pilates/Able to exercise body control.” Once you have mastered the basic principles of the beginner Mat moving to an intermediate or advanced level is simply a matter of applying what you have learned to a more challenging set of exercises. The pace of this Mat is more dynamic and the emphasis is on fluidity of movement. Exercises adapted from the apparatus, Arm Weights, Magic Circle, and Wall Exercises may all be included.

Advanced Mat Class :: “Super-Fit/Advanced in Pilates and looking for a challenge.” Advanced Mat and Magic Circle Mat are both designed to challenge those who have mastered the intermediate class and are looking for some new moves to add to their repertoire. Emphasis on muscle control and strength.

Tower Class :: “Familiar with Tower/Cadillac terminology and apparatus.”
This exciting class combines Mat work and Beginner thru Advanced Tower exercises. The Tower workout requires a greater level of control and provides deeper flexibility. (Maximum 6 people)

Mat/Tower :: “Join this class at your current Mat class level.” This class will challenge the fluidity and tempo of your Mat work. Mat will be followed by Tower exercises’ utilizing springs and bars. If you are not experienced in Tower, start with the Beginner Tower class even if you are at the intermediate level. (Maximum 6 people)

Mat/arm weights :: This class will introduce you to the Pilates arm weight series. Weights will also be used in some challenging new Mat and apparatus exercises.

Reformerania :: This dynamic 30-40 minute class is what Pilates is all about! A wonderful way to supplement your private session workouts at group class rates! Hone your reformer rhythm and exercise transitions to create fluid “minimum motion” workouts. Find out just how cardiovascular Pilates really is!  Please consult requirements before signing up for class.

Heart & Soul :: This class will help you perfect a Beginner Reformer and a Beginner Mat all in one class!  Focusing on form, rhythm and dynamics, be prepared to move and sweat!  There now is an additional class that is Beginner/Intermediate.  Please follow the Reformerania requirements when signing up for Heart & Soul.

Master Class :: Come work with a master!  Our master instructor, Cary Regan will help you deepen your understanding of the Pilates matwork.  After 25 years of teaching she has found fun and fresh variations that help to hone your form and dig deeper into the powerhouse.

Wunda Chair :: Find your powerhouse in a new way with the challenging exercises of the Wunda ChairThis class will combine mat and wunda chair to increase body awareness, coordination, and balance.  Must be strong intermediate.

Magic Circle/Tower :: This class will target your hard-to-tone areas like your lower abs and inner/outer thighs by using the Magic Circle in combination with the springs of the tower unit to deepen your connection to the powerhouse.
•  You must reserve a spot in classes as most are limited and fill up fast.
Classes and/or teachers are subject to change.
Arrive prompty, as classes start on time and you may not be admitted.
Please check in with the desk before class begins.
All classes are 45 minutes except Reformerania which are 30-40 minutes.
If you are not sure of your level, please ask an instructor.
33 Bleecker Street, Suite 2C
New York, NY 10012
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(F) 212.475.4103
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New York, NY 10010
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